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mr. to join us. president olague: on april 7th, we are having the discussion about treasure island. he has been everywhere in the city government. if someone like he could come and give us the expertise to the discussion, i just don't know what his availability is. in addition to mr. blackwell, if he has the time available, and others, so that we have a robust discussion about what this means. the physical project and these other issues are around public benefits. [crosstalk] >> i think that's fine, but it's like they are all in house people. it would seem that there might be some other expertise around who can look at it from a different perspective. i don't know who those people are. with a little searching around, i think there are outside consultants, somebody that has some perspective other than the redevelopment agency staff. >> since we are having a discussion on this and linda is starting to get nervous, i am talking to rich about getting someone from outside city government to talk to us on april 7th when you have informational hearing on treasure island. i don't know who
the operations and maintenance of those lights that are handed over to us said that we install. if we have a right up of what it would cost. $93 a light if this is a standard light, $39 if this is a highly efficient light. a total over 20 years shown their which is substantially less when it is an alley the light. -- when it is an led light. two of the examples i showed you have pedestrian writing styles are lights that were installed that have not been turned by the developers. this is part of the reason that gets us to the podium today is that the developers are trying to hand the street lights off and the redevelopment agency is trying to hand the pedestrian writing off. they're asking us to assume responsibility for those. there are other projects in developing queue. the department of public works is looking to us to become the owner. i'm happy to take any questions. >> why do they cost more than lead to maintain --led to maintain? >> standard lights consume more electricity, they burn out at a faster rate. this requires us to send a crew out and take the lead out and chan
, that decision has not been made yet. >> to help us interpret this paula newton is at nato headquarters in bell ygium. the nato secretary-general said that nato will enforce the no-fly zone, but a decision is still yet to be made on the broader mission. so what does that really mean? >> what it means is this. they call this here no-fly plus. the no-fly will be in place by sunday night. the plus means an expanded role. they sent a directive saying how can we involved in a new robust role. >> i have to interpret you for a moment. secretary of state hillary clinton is making a estimate. hillary clinton. >> i met with the president and national security team. i want to give you an update on the international community's efforts to implement u.n. security council resolutions 1970 and 1973 and protect the civilians of libya. events have moved very quickly, so let's be clear about where we stand and how we got here. when the libyan people sought to realize their democratic aspirations they were met by extreme violence by their own government. the libyan people appealed to the world to help stop the th
us for that process, we could actually have something in place that was well tested that we could provide to them. >> mayor newsom would be sworn in as lieutenant governor in early january. so the board of supervisors had barely two months after the november election to select an interim mayor to complete gavin newsom's term. but how would the board do this? san francisco's charter guided -- offered little guidance. >> although it was obvious we would appoint an interim mayor, there was no time line for the two to occur. we looked to outside counsel for answers. they researched those questions. while they researched the legal angle, we began the research on the parliamentary level. at the beginning of the calendar year 2010, we started to craft a generic process for a successor for mayor. being a parliamentarian of the board, i have been working on the process itself. i have been working with two one and parliamentarians in the city. we did some role-playing and tried to contemplate all of the different variables that the board would encounter in appointing a successor mayor. >> t
us nowhere. we can never truly work together unless we stop assigning blame. the second thing we must do. we must be open to the possibility there's a better way to do things. too often as i sat through discussions ask encountered reluctance to change. i would ask you if we have things figured out. are children safe in schools? would we be here in our streets were safe? as i already said, i am not here to point fingers at anybody. if you are not part of the solution. then you are part of the problem. the other thing we have to be willing to do is check our egoes at the door and listen to each other. there are a lot of folks who love to hear themselves talk. but people who need to listen to what others say. working together means listening to each other and not taking credit. we have to have faith in each other. i know it is difficult. i know there's a lot of history and disappointment much we have to start to believe in one another again. i have seen too many times when we project to others when we believe them to be. without taking into consideration who they really are. at some poin
standing. we have new video of the scene from the ground in mizrata posted on youtube sent a to us by a source in the city. we cannot independently confirm when it was shot. take a look. they say gadhafi forces fired own this main hospital with shelling going on 40 minutes at a time, killing two people and leaving patients and doctors rattled. tonight new information about gadhafi's inner circle reaching out to the united states. senior u.s. officials tell cnn that one of gadhafi's closest confidants has been calling the state department every day. we also heard this talk by secretary of state hillary clinton yesterday. though u.s. officials say the intention behind these calls is murky. could be a sign the gadhafi regime is exploring options, looking for a way out or disinformation put forth to make gadhafi not trust the people around him. today secretary of state hillary clinton said gadhafi and his inner circle have some choices to make. >> it will be up to gadhafi and his insiders to determine what their next steps are, but we would certainly encourage that they would make the
is now valued at over $7 billion. we're glad you have joined us. a conversation with twitter co-founder biz stone coming up right now. >> all i know is his name is james, and he needs extra help with his reading. >> i am james. >> yes. >> to everyone making a >>hank tou y >> tha you. >> you help us all live better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and every answer. nationwide insurance is proud to join tavis in working to improve nancial lititeratey and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one nation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: biz stone is of course a successful entrepreneur who five years ago this week joined forces with two partners to form something called twitter. five years later, the social networking site is one of the most influential and widely used form of communication in the world. recently he signed on as a strategic advisor with a.o.l. and the huffington post media group. we'll ha
, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildi
and what this could mean for u.s. forces. we're also standing by for a statement from the secretary of state hillary clinton. we're also standing by for a statement from the nato secretary-general in brussels. stand by for that. >>> moammar gadhafi is still on the attack, on this the sixth night of pounding by the coalition forces. an explosion and anti-aircraft fire echos in tripoli just a little while ago. could the outrageous failure at reagan happen again? the fallout, the danger at two planes coming in for a landing radioed the control tower and got no answer. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." let's begin with the breaking news. the united states may be closer to giving up its lead role in the fight to protect lickance from gadhafi's forces. right now there's new uncertainty, though, about a tentative deal for nato to take command of the mission. we have lots of questions about how this might play out and how it might affect the overall goal of seeing gadhafi go away. the secretary of state hillary clinton will make a statement a little more that an hour from no
with the action was and this does not address the create an occupation immediately available to us, it appears that it is per pre to go forward without a contract as awarded. were we to terminate that contract, we would incur costs. we would have a claim against us. >> how much would it cost? >> it depends on how long it takes to do the work. this depends on when we cancelled the contract. >> that was one of the questions we asked, are we able to stop that and could that be the case? there is really no new information that is actionable right before us. do we go ahead and incur a cost and stop a project or do we try to work and get some agreement with who does the work? the state has not clarified who does the work. >> given the fact that -- is not bound by the local hiring ordinance, is that a correct statement. >> this was awarded over a year ago but they have said that they would comply with it. >> was a 50% or 20%? >> they indicated 20% as what they would work for in consultation working with the unions they have agreements with. >> they do have an agreement with both be electricians. the
that are not before us tonight. let me expose my lack of understanding. and my understanding had to do with making certain that the permit holder was not doing anything, any exterior modifications. use suspended it. you apparently met with someone and you reviewed the permit. we don't have the permits. that is part of my confusion. i have not been able to look at the plans and determine what was in those permits. my understanding is that having determined that no exterior modifications were taking place, you then asked to have your suspension lifted. there are two letters. what is before us? what is before us? what was in those permits that caused you to suspend it and then lift the suspension? >> they were suspended as a precaution. we did this so we could review them and make sure there was no issues. there was outstanding other issues not directly to these permits. these are things that have not been keeping in the character with the building. we used this as a number to 90 to have the project sponsor address those. the palette is concerned that this is not comprehensive enough. also, the suspe
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> thanks so much for joining us. i am megan pringle. not the prettiest morning out there. charlie-- charley crowson has the day off and we will check in with justin to see what's going on with the weather. march is supposed to go out with a lame. -- lamb. wove a full show and exciting guests. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will be here talking about an event coming up. and a cause that's close to her heart. we will talk to her about that and her fight to keep guns offsety streets. >>> also ahead, not a lot of -- off city streets. >>> also ahead, not a lot of you like needles. that he a new invention that actually allows you to get the shots you need without any pain. so we will explain how it works and get a demonstration and find out if this really works. >>> and also ahead this morning, you probably seen the commercials, your kids probably told you, shrek the musical has hit the stage in baltimore. so we have a treat today. the man who plays donkey is going to be here alan will tell us what it's like to play the character and more a
in the u.s., the financial markets ignored those debt concerns. but erika miller looks at why american investors may want to pay attention to the crisis in portugal. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, investors have had plenty of distractions, ranging from political upheaval in egypt and libya to natural disasters and nuclear problems in japan to sharply higher oil prices. but today, the spotlight was on a problem many thought had gone away-- the european debt crisis. the fall of the portuguese government has pushed that country's borrowing rates to record levels, making it more difficult for portugal to get a handle on it's debt. economist brian levitt says the fear in financial markets is that portugal could need an expensive bailout. >> the big fear about the fall of the government in portugal is that they are not going to go through the austerity measures that they need, that the larger euro-economies want for them to go through in order to get additional credit facilities. >> reporter: another fear is contagion, reinforced by credit rating agency moody's downgrade of more than 3
with us this hour. we will be joined live from libya in a moment by nbc's richard engel, doing amazing reporting from the war zone there. are we allowed to call it a war zone? let's call it a war zone, while interviewing rebels on the frontlines in libya earlier today. richard and his crew found themselves on the wrong side of what i think was an artillery barrage. that is to say they were not far from it and covering from a safe distance, they were in the middle of it. richard and his crew are fine. we will have that amazing footage for you in a moment and richard will join us live. but put yourself in richard engel's shoes for a moment. if you had the job of being nbc's chief foreign correspondent, and say like him you speak arabic, your special area of expertise is the middle east, it's hard to imagine at this point when you get to come home, isn't it? i mean, the uprisings in tunesia that began four months ago, continued to rickochet, swell through north africa and through the mideast, bahrain, yemen, syria, now libya. as our country tries to get our american heads around not only
standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. depression used to define me, then my doctor added abilify to my antidepressant. now, i feel better. [ male announcer ] if you're still struggling with depression talk to your doctor to see if the option of adding abilify is right for you. and be sure to ask about the free trial offer. >>> good evening, everyone. we begin with breaking news from libya. within the last hour, reports of a loud explosion heard in tripoli. reuters reporting residents say they saw smoke rising from a military base. we're going to take you live to tripoli in a few moments and talk to david kirkpatrick. it is 4:00 a.m. in libya. the early hours of the sixth day of coalition air strikes. this video taken a view hours ago. new rounds of tracer fire seen over tripoli. we got new pictures from the french military planes taking off from an aircraft carrier. the coalition flew 175 sorties over libya in the last 24 hours. officials now say that gadhafi's air power has been rendered ineffective and they've shifted to targeting gadhafi's ground
. stated, a united nations not substitute for a u.s. n does political and military strategy. defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. coulturn or control of the operation as early as surday. but the terms of the transition are still being scussed by coreato allies. flyi a larger share of t combat strikes. but the rest is up in the air. terrell brown, c news,he unitedations. >>> early is morning, israeli aircraft hit targets on the gaza strip. israel says the attacks are in response ta round of shelling anwednesday's deadly bombing in jerusalem. a crowded bus was bombed in one woman was killed and more than 20 otrs wounded. iseli authities blame exposed to radiation at than, te crippled nuclearower pla. installing electrical wires, and treatment.o hospitr als fo say radiation levels in tokyo d its water supply have returned to safe levels. but remain high in two nearby nehborhoods. the numberf timad dead and missing from the quake and tsunami now over 25,000. >>> movie icon elizabeth taylor will be buried later this week. taylor died yesterday. she's being remembered as much for
ago there were not many of us on those revenue generating departments that could participate in some major policy decisions and contracts that run this city. i want you to please have that thank you extended to your dad. this morning, i sat in on the workshops and i was very encouraged. a lot of people like roma were there, people we have all work together at various points in our lives the last 20 years, but there were also a lot of new faces, young faces, and it is encouraging that our city has so many dedicated women were willing to spend the time, volunteer time for the most part, to make this city one of the greatest leaders for women's issues and rights and equality. i think we have proven that. i am very encouraged that perhaps in the next four, five years we will get ahead in terms of our own country stepping up to the plate. thank you again, and thank you, shelly. [applause] >> i want to also make sure i acknowledge another person on our committee, and that is nancy acknowledge someone else on the committee. she is in the mayor's office and she made things happen for us. tha
is the only developed nation that has failed to ratify the treaty, putting us and the company of somalia, sudan, iran, and zimbabwe. this past month and the halls of congress, we have seen an attack on american women like never before. instead of a clear focus on the budget and job creation, there has been a concentrated effort to limit women's rights. we have had a major push in congress to redefine rape to only those women who could prove that they fought back. this would exclude many victims of date rape, children who were raped. we had a legislator from georgia who wants to change the legal term. he but the word to the accuser. victims of lesser crimes like burglaries would remain victims. in south dakota, the bill was proposed that would make it legal to murder a doctor who basically provided a portion care. it would make it legal to kill the doctor. we have another bill, the international violence against women act, a sister bill to that which is the domestic bill. it creates a comprehensive program to address the violence and places women at the center of u.s. foreign policy for t
for joining us on a thursday morning. i am alison starling. >> good morning. iambs and a simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes first. first, meteorologist steve rudin. >> good morning. rumbles of thunder during the early morning. just a few lingering showers for the rush hour as well as patchy fog. the 43 degrees at dulles, 44 at winchester 43 in cumberland, 54 in petersburg. temperatures will remain below average the next several days. the moisture is moving off the coast. there's one more batch of rain to the west of us and it could send all little sleet to the north of us. a few more rainshowers to go just enough to keep the pavement wet. highs today in the mid to upper 40's. sunshine this afternoon. >>>. accident >. -- accident in maryland. it is the ramp from the inner for overnight employees to be allowed to take scheduled m -- scheduled naps. >>> this morning in the bill workers were hurt after they were exposed to a dangerously high levels of radiation in japan and were sent to the hospital for treatment. parents in tokyo stocking up on bottled water. tap water is contami
. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton said late today that the quickest way to end military action in libya is for moammar gadhafi to leave libya. good luck with that. >> president obama is headed back to washington, d.c. early. >> start easing some of the tension coming from capitol hill. >> the president heads home ahead of schedule and is welcomed by this. >> president obama is playing soccer in rio with kids and hillary clinton seems to be weirdly stepping up. >> this is about as badly run as any foreignrepeal obamacare. >> the president talks about libya d s ipou amic >> t esendori ot iolicg. ebe judging diplomater efforts on this trip. >> we are supporting a democratic revolution there. >> they've got a political problem. >> today it looks like a war, sound like a war, people are dying, and it's costing an awful lot of money. isn't that a war? >> america, at "not war". >> we will continue to provide details to the american people. >> you don't even seem to think eno
don't even seem to think enough of us to lie to us. >> the administration is defending its biggest victory on its first anniversary. >> fdr went so far as to call it a fundamental right for all americans. >> in short, we'll do whatever we can to ensure that obamacare is never fully implemented. >> one year ago today. >> health insurance reform because law in america. >> took a long time. >> congressman anthony weiner joins us. while some republicans were attacking the president on libya and the healthcare bill, two from minnesota went to iowa. ♪ if i find my way to minnesota ♪ >> and donald trump, is he serious about running? >> trump came out as a birther, which is republican for "i'm running for president." >>> good evening. president obama skipped a visit to address growing concerns over the libyan war efforts. he plans to transfer command and control in the next few days, suffered a setback when nato failed to reach agreement to assume that role. all 28 nato states must approve any agreement. the muslim nation of turkey is dissenting, repeating a term used by russian prime
. the airport will use tanker trucks to refuel planes today. >>> for a fifth straight day, coalition warplanes bombed military targets around libya's capital today. state tv showed what it said was a military base in flames. coalition air strikes on gadhafi forces outside misrata haven't stopped the shelling of those cities. >>> in yemen, a president under fire puts his supporters on the streets in a noisy demonstration. president salah is under intense pressure to step down immediately, but he is refusing. several of salah's key generals and diplomats switched sides after he launched a bloody crackdown last week. >>> in japan, levels of radioactive iodine in tokyo's water system, they dropped significantly today. officials say it is now safe for babies to drink tap water or for parents who use tap water in formula. but still the city handed out about a quarter million bottles of water today to homes with kids. >>> two fukushima nuclear workers are now in the hospital today for possible radiation poisoning. the men stepped in a puddle while laying cable at the plant. water seeped through the p
. per hour. that led to mud and rock slides. this is conference drive and felton brought is showing us. >> one of the many mudslides and out of conference drive, from felton. a result of the heavy rainfall. working crews are trying to clear the debris. this large trees tucked in the middle. getting a chain around that to pull it away. is obstructing the entrance. the hopefully, sometime today. rob fladeboe. >>catherine: and with the creek levels all day. different times of the day. to the latest of what is happening. keitour only reporter daniel? >> the good news is that the level has dropped a little bit sensed noon. i can show you by coming over sense- noon. the vertical is indicative of where the weathe water level was. it is still a lot of water and people are still concerned. what some businesses were due in preparation. took metal grate storm covers off the storm drains. to clear any possible debris. and even sandbags. ply we flood blocks in front of their doors and windows plywood- flood blocks--five years ago, the water destroyed some of these structures and created a lot of d
for us men folk to exist. show starts right now. >>> we begin today once again with the mideast in crisis and how world powers are responding. a series of developments are expected in the next hour, including the possibility nato could soon take over command operations in libya. we expect secretary of state hillary clinton to address that question at 6:15 eastern time this evening. as for right now, the u.n. security council currently wrapping up a meeting right here in new york a few blocks over focused mainly on that controversial no-fly zone over libya. we do expect to hear from the u.n. secretary general within the next hour. meantime, the director of the military joint staff is expected to talk any minute at the pentagon in d.c. well over at the white house and that town, the president today meeting behind closed doors with his national security team. u.s. officials saying gadhafi forces have been weakened somewhat, but they point out even a strained libyan army. still holds a major advantage over a rag tag group of rebels. our own richard engel in the war zone showing us what these
>> glenn: islands in the face of evil is in itself evil. god will not hold us guiltless. not to speak is to speak. not to act is to act. dietrich bonhoeffer. more information on from new york, good night. >> i'm jim angele in for bret baier. fox news alert. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to make a statement shortly after the state department about the situation in libya. and the latest on the arrangement with nato. we will bring that to you live as soon as it begins. the french born minister says the coalition in libya could last days or weeks but not months. this is as the questions remain about the breadth and scope of american involve in the the mission. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. >> we can report that we can confirm the nato secretary general announced a deal has been reached with bruce sells to put command and control in libyan operation under the nato command. that has hatched in the last minute or so. we got off the phone with brussels. secretary of state clinton will make the announce in the the coming minutes and she plan
with president obama and president hu jintao. that was fantastic. while we were there, both of us did what we were supposed to do and what we could do and that is we met with every one we could about the business of our cities and in particular, i got to meet my very good friend, the commerce secretary i grew up with in seattle, washington and i applaud him for all of the money that they could possibly give us and we are already working on that and he said that china sf was one of the most integrated programs to ever -- innovative programs to come to the west coast. i got to meet the hud secretary and in the short time with all of the other mayors, we were able to talk about our building of housing at affordable housing and of the great partnership that we will have as the enrolls and has unrolled the federal homeless program at how that can match up with our program as well. we met with secretary -- and talk about job creation and discovered that we are working on linking up our community colleges and making sure that all of the students go to college but continue to get degrees so they don'
in reminding us we are well below it, it is helpful if we break out what exactly does this 2590 mean? >> we would be happy to break that down. supervisor mirkarimi: 2 you have any assumption on what that looks like in terms of active, sworn officers? >> the department has been very active along with their division of workers' compensation in attempting to return people to work. they have fairly high rates of injury and that's one of the factors. there are a number of people on light duty the department is working on bringing back. there is obviously going to be a disconnect there. we will speak to the departments and get a run of how many people are on light duty or on medical leave as opposed to those who are actively on the street, if that is the question. supervisor mirkarimi: i haven't seen, but maybe you have something on the drop program. it would be nice to get an idea on the question of attrition as we're seeing what the drop-off rate might be with anybody retiring. i was looking ahead on the frame slide and i did not see that. >> we did not include the drop on this analysis. it cam
core, we have been using sea water to pour in -- we have been pouring in sea water but we intend to start pumping in fresh water, and that is expected to start today, using a pump that will be activated. >>> the agency said on wednesday the radiation level near the reactor building had not changed since the smoke appeared. the agency says the cause of the smoke is not known. workers have made progress on tuesday night when lighting was restored in the number 3 reactor control room. electricity to the plant had be been cut since the quake on march 11th. tokyo power company was planning to test the water pumps for the number three reactor but operate ro 0 operations were halted when the smoke caused workers to flee. now we go live to chief secretary's yukio edano's news conference. we are waiting for mr. edano coming in to the room. and holding the news conference. and here's comes yukio edano. >>> translator: good morning. we have been making announcements from the relevant institution agencies. i have nothing to say so i will just take your questions. >>> translator: yesterday, t
senators gary hart and norm coleman assess president obama's decision to use u.s. military power in libya. >> ifill: then, we get a report from a japan battered by nuclear disaster and now facing elevated radiation levels in its tap water. >> lehrer: miles o'brien looks at the future for u.s. nuclear power in the wake of the japan crisis. >> ifill: ray suarez reports on how the north african nation of morocco is working to avoid becoming the next target of regional unrest. >> reporter: in washington, morocco's foreign minister gave us an overview of king mohammed's planned reforms for a country facing some of the same discontents as its neighbors. >> you know what i feel like? i feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof! >> lehrer: and jeffrey brown remembers legendary film star elizabeth taylor who died today at age 79. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people des
that for us? that would be very encouraging to hear. >> thank you. in our building at 150 golden gate, we build in a ground-floor dining room, and that will be utilized during the duration of the project. commissioner moore: when are you planning to start construction, if i may ask? >> july of next year. commissioner moore: thank you. commissioner olague: i have a couple of questions. i believe that commissioner moore's questions addressed the issue about the lions and the food lines, so i think that's, you know, i'm satisfied with that response. i was wondering the impact that the construction might have on the residence. is there anything that is being done to make sure that their quality of life is not terribly impacted by the construction part of it? >> we have been meeting with the residence over the last several years to address their concerns regarding impacts during construction. we had a meeting last month that reviewed all the city requirements for construction mitigation as well as additional construction mitigation for the eir in terms of noise, tines of work -- times of war,
fighting between libya and rebel forces over the past three or four days. u.s. officials have not had this confirmed and are being very cautious about the circumstances surrounding this. but the report is that a french pilot radioed in and said he had shot down a libyan warplane, not clear that that plane was involved in any sort of offensive military operations at the time. >> thanks for that information this morning. >> you bet. >>> how will this all end? france's foreign minister insists it could go on for weeks, although not months. the l.a. times reports that the rebels are starting to use gadhafi type tactics. richard engle is there with this incredible report. >> reporter: american and european air strikes stopped a massacre in benghazi but on the front lines the rebels are mostly on their own. here there are no trenches or sandbags, just men, poorly armed, who want to fight. the rebel frontline is about five miles outside of the town and smoke can be seen rising. the rebels watch with binoculars but can't advanced. outgunned, rebels say they are killed whenever they approach g
out to the united states. senior u.s. officials tell cnn that a brother-in-law has been calling the state department almost every day. arab allies say they're also getting calls. we heard this talk yesterday from secretary of state clinton. it could be a sign that gadhafi's regime is looking for a way out. it could also be disinformation being put forward by the u.s. and others to make gadhafi not trust the people around him. in an interview, president obama said that gadhafi could wait it out, even though his forces have been weakened. today, secretary of state clinton said gadhafi and his inner circle have some choices to make. >> it will be up to gadhafi and his insiders to determine what their next steps are. but we would certainly encourage that they would make the right decision. not only institute a real comprehensive cease-fire, but withdraw from the cities and the military actions and prepare for a transition that does not include colonel gadhafi. the quickest way for him to end this is to actually serve the libyan people by leaving. >> gadhafi shows no sign that he's r
with netanyahu and will give us the latest in minutes. >> it has been one year since president obama signed the national health care law. is it working? do people love it or hate it? why are some states exempt? who is still putting up a fight? why is the president trying to keep the health care law way from the supreme court? is he afraid of what they will say? attorney general cuccinelli is here plus governor palin. >> hold on to your seats for this one. is did -- is donald trump a birther? you will hear directly from donald trump. we have a jam-packed show coming to you live from naples, florida. sarah palin joins us in two minutes. first live to libya. steve harrigan joins us live from tripoli. >> reporter: the attacks here now coming into the city of tripoli by fighter jets. libyan's air defenses have been knocked out. less expensive option now being used. we've heard several explosions to my right near the presidential compound one mile away. of course gadhafi himself was speaking before human shields at that come upon yesterday. pentagon officials have said he himself is not specifica
was written about in 2006. the program, it says, if i may quote, program using the tax identification numbers instead of social security numbers is similar to the program run by smaller lenders around the country that they distributed millions of dollars to undocumented imgrants over the past few years. let me show you how this all works. we were convinced by george bush and everybody else, the american dream was to have a house. that was the dream. so all the people in apartment buildings could haven't the american dream. some of them because they had bad credit or didn't have jobs to allow them to afford houses. remember how expensive houses used to be? those days aren't coming back so they didn't get a house so they couldn't have part of the american dream because of the big even bank. i have should put horns on the big evil bank. they wouldn't loan these people any money. what happened? the union and acorn, you know, with the baseball bats, along with the permission and blessings of the beautiful, beautiful people in washington. they said yeah, we'll back you up. these banks should give l
that will include a discussion of when the u.s. will hand over its lead role. french military officials say french pilot fired a missile at a libyan plane that just landed at a base in the coastal city of misrata. french jets, including some from the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle, seen here off libya, struck a libyan base 150 miles south of the coast. attacks in tripoli targeted a libyan military base depot. libyan state tv broadcast these images of the damage. and the african-american union has invited representatives from gadhafi's government and opposition representatives to talk in ethiopia's capital tomorrow. so far new york response from either side in libya. >>> we begin coverage with nbc news pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. mik, what can you tell us about the incident involving that french fighter jet? >> reporter: u.s. military officials can't tell us very much. earlier today, members of that coalition on the american side said they had no evidence that there was a plane in the air or of any poe sentential shoot-dow. as we find out from the french, one of their war fighting
>> sure. >> steve: geraldo rivera. >> brian: enough said. >> steve: thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow, sat time, same channel. upstairs to "america's newsroom." there is a fox news alert on word just in. the president will meet with his national security team today to review his efforts in libya. we are getting word of new air strikes. look at the damage they have done in tripoli. allied countries trying to defend innocent civilians and enforce the no-fly zone. this was the scene in benghazi, the second largest city in libya. that's rebel-controlled territory. many waving the flag in the pre-qaddafi era. where is that operation today? one of the many questions for us. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to heather. >> qaddafi supporters remain defiant. the foreign minister denying there are any military operations in misrata. bill: that's where they say snipers are shooting civilians. here is the qaddafi version. >> the situation in misrata is confined to a number of pockets of violence and snipers scattered in different areas of misrata. life is back to normal in m
it would not be cost-effective for the city to give us enough accountants to have every transaction posted reviewed by a live human being, we sample the pre approval at have the auditing function in place, especially on the financial audit portion to detect later. and all up in case after something has been detected, was this appropriately that? probably more so than cost savings, a financial audit has that in mind. it is the balance to our pre approvals as opposed to just maintaining a controlled environment within the city. supervisor campos: please continue. >> i think it might also answer some of your questions about whether we go through this list of technical projects, he will get a better sense of things we do and recognize a lot of them are not just analyses that have the potential to sit on the shelf. all lot of our engagements are working with department thought implementations may have committed to making the changes necessary to do that. i will go through these relatively quickly and you may feel free to ask me to questions at the end. we collect a fair amount of performance in
traffic control procedures. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood calling for at least two air traffic controllers now to man overnight shifts. this after a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport reportedly fell asleep and two planes couldn't get in touch with the tower after mid night just trying to land. both had to go in for a landing on their own. toes your headlines. >> five hour energy ran out and two planes had to do their own thing. >> i'm sure nothing's down there on the runway. let's cross our fingers. let's talk a little bit about what's going on right now. in libya, new video just in, one of qaddafi's bases reportedly destroyed by u.s. coalition air strikes. look at these pictures, showing a flaming wreckage overnight and qaddafi's compound in tripoli also reportedly targeted again and was struck. the commander of britain's royal air force says libya's air force no longer exists. >> so now that we also have an exclusive story that came to us, i think james rosen and jennifer griffin working on this together. essentially, there might be some break as we try to find o
defenders and about that resource question. they need us to tell them. that is why we are here today. that has got to be a part of the mission. so i support everything johnson said, but there is another the to keep in mind. this is the jury pool. the jury pool is constantly affected and infected by nancy grace, law-and-order. it is constantly being polluted -- i truly believe this -- by the media. it sounds silly but it is not. i really believe in the power of media to influence people. that is why i got in it. so we have to use it to our advantage. you have got to be in it to win it. if we are not controlling our image, someone else is. so you have got to start thinking about the way that the image of the public defender is going to be portrayed, either in dramatic television -- over which you will have a lot less control. or certainly, in news media. years ago, i got a phone call from a public defender in san francisco. he had a case receiving a lot of media attention, and he wanted me to come to cover the case for 20/20. some of his colleagues thought he was not to. what are you b
much. finally, thanks to all of you for being here and helping us honor these wonderful women of the city. oh, and kimberly is out there. and we will see you again next year as we honor more women who really contribute to the city's growth and come up here for a photo opportunity. thank you again. please stay for some refreshments. and who rate to all women -- hooray to all women. >> a good afternoon. i would like to call the meeting to order. mr. secretary, first item please. >> roll call. [roll-call] president vietor: next item please. >> approval of the meeting for the march 8th regular meeting. due to an editorial oversight, some of the printer -- some of the printed copies have the template date between the footer. it has been fixed but i apologize for the oversight. president vietor: is there a motion to approve a the minutes without the template? all those in favor? suppose? next item. >> public comment. members of the public may speak before the commission for any item not on today's agenda. president vietor: public comment? >> there is none. the commission, having rec
examining the accounting processes used to deposit donations into the fund, to allocate in addition to various accounts, and to record expenditures from the fund. in order to determine if the department's process is consistent with city accounting practices and at here is to administer code section 10.100 through 201 that created the gift fund, the review found the record a transaction to be consistent the general purpose of the fund and in line with city accounting practices. however, the comptroller recommended the department held separate employee development from the gift fund. in addition to laguna honda removing staff developments of accounts, from within the gift fund, it was noted that prior to the onset of the audit build work, that laguna honda accounting session performed an internal review of donations and expenditures for both patients and staff related sub accounts in the gift fund. the laguna honda accounting section staff identified incorrect postings and corrected its record. paris included two checks designated to reimburse patient related activities and amounts fr
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